The Old Cow Shed Studio & Old School House Vineyard will be open as part of Dorset Art Weeks 2024 Saturday 25th May to Sunday 9th June 2024

Studio open: Weekdays: 11am-4pm Weekends: 10am-6pm Vineyard open: Weekends only 11am-2pm


52: A Year of Painting

In my 52nd year I set myself a challenge to paint 52 paintings reflecting the changing seasons, weather and colours around me. The result is this exhibition – a series of snapshots of my year. All the paintings will be posted on my instagram feed over the next 52 days. A signed limited edition catalogue, illustrating the full 52 paintings, is available to accompany the show.


A study of form and glaze techniques in 52 pots
Mary-Clare Goodwin

52 pots reflecting the colours and textures of land, sea and sky throughout the different seasons, which form a dialogue with the paintings. Each one is unique, thrown individually and demonstrates different glaze layering and techniques that I have tested and loved over the last year. Small but perfectly formed.


This year Dorset Art Weeks 2024 at The Old Cow Shed Studio is being celebrated through a collaboration with Old School House Vineyard. Established in 2016, the Old School House Vineyard covers three quarters of an acre, growing Seyval Blanc grapes, from which are produced artisan white, rose and English Sparking wines. Charles Dutton will be sharing all his experience and knowledge of planting, tending and producing wine with vineyard tours and wine tastings, where bottles will be available to purchase.


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